Art Studio

About the Studio

My studio is located in a cottage behind my home.  It is a fully equipped art studio/work shop.  There is a music studio and a large beautiful garden as well.  Students can work inside or draw directly from nature if the weather allows.   I believe students of all ages benefit from learning  the foundations of art and design, including the vocabulary.  No one is too young to converse about the joys of the color wheel!  Vibrant complimentary colors and harmonious analogous colors! Deep green shades of the darkest forest  and graduating tints of ever paler blue sky.  So too with skills and vocabulary of design, Value, Composition, Line and Shape and Space.   In our classes we use all the elements of color and design in our explorations of art from ancient history to contemporary artists, all the while discovering our own unique sensibilities…. what it is about our work that makes it ours.  This process is different for each of us and brings us ever closer to our selves. When working one on one, or in small groups, I am able to follow the lead of my students, to encourage them to find where their paths lead them. I  feel so privileged to guide my students to discover the excitement, wonder, and just plain fun of creating in our studio classroom.